The Key to Creating the Perfect Matching Sweatshirts

The Key to Creating the Perfect Matching Sweatshirts

When creating an order of inverse matching sweatshirts it may be hard to tell which thread colors truly match the sweatshirts that you are ordering. I have created this list to help you perfectly match your sweatshirts!


Sand sweatshirts: Ecru thread

Dark Chocolate sweatshirts: Coffee Bean thread

Forest sweatshirts: Green Petal thread

Sage Green crewnecks: Willow thread

Maroon sweatshirts: Russet thread

Orchid hoodies: Tulip thread

Charcoal sweatshirts: Gull thread

Carolina Blue sweatshirts: Tropic Blue thread

Light Pink sweatshirts: Pink Mist OR Petal Pink thread (Petal Pink is slightly lighter but we will use this color if it shows better than Pink Mist thread on certain colors)


When creating your matching sweatshirts please try to order one dark color and one light color. These turn out the best. We have received orders for inverse sweatshirts with two light colors, since they are both light it is hard to create perfect matching sweatshirts as light thread colors tend to be more subtle on light fabric.

The following color combinations are ones that we have received that I do not recommend:

  • Sand sweatshirts and Sage Green Crewnecks. Unfortunately the Ecru thread shows VERY SUBTLE on the Sage Green Fabric. We can do this combination but I recommend doing the Forest sweatshirt/Sand sweatshirt combination instead.
  • Orchid hoodies and Carolina Blue sweatshirts. Unfortunately the Tulip thread almost blends into the Carolina Blue fabric. This is a color combination that we tend to turn down, however, we do recommend a different thread color if you still want to have this combo. Instead of Tulip thread order the Carolina Blue sweatshirt with Mauve thread! This will not be a perfect match but it is still a lighter shade of purple, it is the closest to perfect that we can get.
  • Any light thread color on any light colored sweatshirt. We often get orders asking for White thread on Light Pink sweatshirts and/or Orchid hoodies. White is extremely subtle on these light fabrics. It almost completely blends into the light pink fabric and results in a sweatshirt that looks completely plain. If this is ever ordered we reach out and ask for a different, darker, thread color. The same goes for Ecru thread on Light Pink, Orchid, or Sage Green.

I can't wait to see the fun color combinations you all order!

- Samantha

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