Processing Times

Processing Times

Our normal processing times are 2-3 weeks. Outlines are estimated to be emailed to you around the 1-2 week mark. Orders ship in approximately a week or less after the outline is confirmed. If you need your order sooner, we do have the option to add an Express Fee which you can read more about below.

These timelines may vary due to a post of ours going viral resulting in an unexpected influx in orders, around the holidays, etc.


Express Fee

Since we receive so many requests to get orders made and shipped to be delivered for certain dates we are now charging an "Express" fee.

This fee is $20 - this fee is for us to push your order to the top of our order queue and complete it before the orders placed prior to your order. 

We complete express fee orders in the order of urgency. If we have a lot of requests at the same time we complete the ones needed earliest first.

Email us after placing your order with your order number in the subject line. Let us know the date that the order is hoped to be received by. We will be completely honest with you if it is doable or not. If we can get it done for you we will email you an invoice for $20 to cover the extra cost.

We WILL NOT begin working on the outline/order until the $20 express fee is paid.

Our processing times are 2-3 weeks so please try to order at least 2 weeks in advance of the date the order is needed by to give your order the best chances of arriving to you on time. 

*This DOES NOT expedite the shipping time, just our processing times! Shipping can still take a couple to several days depending on shipping method chosen.*

*For International Orders: Even with our Express Fee, we cannot guarantee package arrival by the date specified. With the Express Fee we can ship the order out ASAP, however, International shipments normally take longer than expected to deliver.*