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Polaroid Photo Collage Custom Membroidered Sweatshirt

Polaroid Photo Collage Custom Membroidered Sweatshirt

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Gift your loved ones our extraordinary Custom Photo Embroidered Sweatshirt and make your cherished memories will last a lifetime. Fully customizable, each sweatshirt features a carefully hand-drawn outline of your favorite photo, ensuring a unique masterpiece that captures you and your loved ones hearts.

Key Features:

  • Fully customizable crewneck sweatshirt, created to your preferences
  • Hand-drawn photo outline
  • High quality embroidery
  • Lightweight and soft fabric for ultimate comfort
  • Perfect for gifting and bringing smiles to your loved ones' faces

Designed for those who appreciate the beauty of custom, sentimental gifts, our Custom Photo Embroidered Sweatshirt is a true symbol of love and affection. Whether for birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions, this hoodie will make your loved ones smile the biggest they ever have

Embrace the art of personalization and gift-giving. Choose our Custom Photo Embroidered Sweatshirt and show off your memories in style.



  • Depending on the size of the photo provided (width/length of the outline), the size of the embroidery will differ. If the photo is disproportionate (the width is a lot larger than the length of the photo/vice versa), the thinner the final embroidery will be. Embroidery size varies depending on the photo provided.
  • If the photo is full body it may be cropped at mid thigh for the best embroidery results. 



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